Cornwall Stodart

Innovation Assessment


Cornwall Stodart

Cornwall Stodart is one of Melbourne's most established legal practices and has a rich history dating back to 1891. Our heritage and the values exemplified by our founders have helped define our firm and the values we hold today.

the problem

Cornwall Stodart was looking to transform its brand and culture. Part of this involved building a culture that supports innovation and digital literacy. With so many potential initiatives to explore in the innovation space, knowing where to start and what will add genuine value is a challenge for most traditional organisations looking to drive change.

our solution

We performed an innovation assessment to form an opinion of the resources, processes, values and systems in place at Cornwall Stodart and identify cultural enablers and blockers for remediation. This involved speaking to employees across vertical and horizontal lines as well as inspecting key documentation from across the organisation.

the outcome

1) Delivered an innovation assessment report
2) Prioritised recommendations across resources, values, processes and systems so that Cornwall Stodart could make informed decisions about where to invest time and financial resources to drive culture change for innovation

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