Mills Oakley

AsiaPac's First Legal Startup Accelerator


Mills Oakley

Mills Oakley is a commercial law firm headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth.

the problem

Mills Oakley realised that legal services is changing fast. As such, it turned to us to help it explore new value adding business models and technologies in legal services and align its brand with that of a progressive, innovative law firm.

our solution

We put together the Mills Oakley legal startup accelerator program, a $500,000 program geared towards exploring and commercialising legal services innovation. We have been primarily responsible with managing the design and delivery, including marketing, startup recruitment, workshop facilitation and startup mentorship.

The accelerator will give Mills Oakley a stake in a diverse portfolio of legal services startups and exposure to cutting edge innovations so that it can best determine its investment decisions going forward as it navigates what is a quickly evolving legal landscape, one which is moving from old law to new law.

the outcome

To date, the work-in-progress accelerator has:

- Attracted over 30applications from legal services startups from across Australia 

- Generated media interestin publications such as The Financial Review and Lawyers Weekly 

- Strengthened Mills Oakley'sbrand and positioned it as a progressive, innovative law firm, aiding employeeengagement and retention

- Attracted the support ofvarious mentors and thought leaders such as Ash Maurya and founders of Australia's biggest legal startupswho are acting as mentors including founders of LawAdvisor, LawPath, LegalVision and LegallyYours

- Won the firm the ALPMA/LexisNexis Thought Leadership Award 2017

- Got the firm into the Most Innovative Law Firms List

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