Disrupting the Legal Industry: Insights from 40 Funded Legal Tech Startups

In this report, we explore the current legal tech landscape, key emerging technologies disrupting the industry along with profiles of recently funded legal tech startups and how your law firm can gain a competitive advantage.

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Venture and growth capital investment into legal tech startups hit a whopping US$1.4 billion for H1 of 2021, a new record for a sector that has always lagged behind larger consumer plays like fintech. Large organizations are increasingly realizing that combining the domain expertise, distribution, and resources of an incumbent, with the talent, tech, and speed of emerging startups, can prove to be mutually beneficial. And in a year when LegalZoom listed for over US$7 billion, law firms are coming to realize that legal tech startups mean serious business and can drive a serious competitive advantage.

In this report:

  • Overview of the current legal tech landscape
  • Outline of key emerging technology disrupting the legal industry
  • Profile 40 recently funded legal tech startups
  • Explore how law firms can gain a competitive advantage


  • where venture capital is flowing
  • what types of legaltech solutions are readying to disrupt legal services
  • how your law firm can gain tap legaltech to gain a competitive edge
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